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Val Web Design - Flash-News der Joomla-Erweiterungen: Neue Version 1.4.0 vom Plugin ValAddThis.

Heute habe ich die neue Version 1.4.0 vom Joomla-Plugin ValAddThis erstellt. Für eine detailierte Dokumentation besuchen Sie bitte die Webseite des Plugins (auf Englisch).

New in this version:

  • Added: selection of 11 quick toolboxes (with predefined services).
  • Added: ability to insert the AddThis pill counter and the AddThis bubble counter as Toolbox services.
  • Added: 4 new button counters (StumbleUpon, Digg, Google Buzz and LinkedIn); these counters are supported by ValAddThis only and won't be included in your personal AddThis Analytics.
  • Added: option for a share image, which will be displayed next to the Toolbox. 2 sample images are already included with ValAddThis.
  • Added: 4 new plugin tags (html_before, html_after, tool_quick and tool_shareurl).
  • Added: double quotes "" as well as the special characters CR and LF will now be stripped off the articles meta title and meta description, so the user can use them without fear.
  • Changed: minor changes in some of the CSS files including a couple of new classes.
  • Fixed: a couple of PHP notices.
  • Fixed: a typo inside the XML file.


#1 Chrysovalantis Mochlas 2011-07-28 19:25
It seems that there is an issue with the Google +1 (plus one) button; it won't be rendered correctly (multiple copies) and I will try to find a work-around as soon as order to reproduce the issue just use "google_plusone" in the services list for your AddThis toolbox.

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