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It all first began when I started to experiment, by modifying the functions of some Joomla! plugins and modules, in order to aid some of my projects. Then I Decided to offer to the Joomla community all what I can. So recently when I was looking for a specific extension, I made my first module for Joomla! version 1.5 which is called "ValAddThis".

Here you can also find other extensions of Joomla when they are ready to get published. Every extension of Joomla will have its own page, with detailed information about the:

  • extension's version and its license.
  • installation.
  • configuration.
  • support.
  • download links.

The extensions might also be hosted on Google Code pages, where there is the possibility to report bugs and download them, as well as on the Website of Joomla Extensions.


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