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2. Configuration

  • Go to the menu "Extensions" and click on "Module Manager".
    Screenshot: Module Manager #1
  • Now look for the module name "Val-LinX", it should be disabled.
    Screenshot: Module Manager #2
  • Click on the module's name to edit it. Now you are in the module configuration screen.
  • First of all you can enter a suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module, for individual styling.
    Screenshot: suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module
  • Choose the ID of the category you would like to display links from.
    Screenshot: ID of the links category
  • Choose the CSS file with the styles you want to use for the module. Altogether there are 5 different files, from which 1 of them (user.css) can be changed by you, in case you want to use your own styles. The path to the user.css file is modules/mod_vallinx_j10/css/user.css. The graphics files (table header backgrounds) that are used by the file user.css can be found in the directory modules/mod_vallinx_j10/images/user in case you want to upload your own ones.
    Screenshot: CSS file with the styles for the module
  • Under that you can:
    1. Choose "Yes" if you want the caption with the Total Links to be displayed above the table.
    2. Enter your own text for the caption with the Total Links.
    3. Enter your own text for the link that is displayed at the end of table (Back to Top).
    Screenshot: display total links, change of texts


#11 jason 2010-06-04 20:46
just testing this
#10 Chrysovalantis Mochlas 2009-09-25 16:00
The bug was a mistaken type of PHP call (require_once) of the template file of the module, which didn't let the module be called more that once on the screen.

As I mention in the (updated) documentation of the module, only 1 CSS file may be used. All the elements of the module share the same CSS classes (which makes possible the use of various CSS files).

Read the updated documentation here where I already state that; in the parameters of all module copies have to be selected the same CSS file.

Please vote for the module at the Joomla Extensions ( site if you like it. Thanks!
#9 ayjay 2009-09-25 06:33
Great!.. Thanx for the updates. Now I can put a lot of this modules for linx under different categories. Can you share the bug that you have fixed?

There's one more thing though. All the multiple modules share the same theme. Is it a bug? Can multiple modules displayed at same page, each has different color theme?
#8 ayjay 2009-09-24 15:32
Hi, thanx for your module... it's great and worx well.

But, I could not put more than one module at my front page. Why is that?

I tried to put several modules to display different categories of weblinks but only one module was displayed at the front page.

Please help. Thanx..
#7 Chrysovalantis Mochlas 2009-09-24 13:42
Hi there and thanks for the feedback! Without you I wouldn't spot this bug; You're absolutely right about this and I've just begun to work on the bug fixes.

Today I'll have the new version available for download at Google code. With the new version you will be able to put as many copies of the module you wish, you just have to publish them in different module positions and use the same CSS from the module parameters in order to avoid duplicate includes of the CSS files.
#6 Chrysovalantis Mochlas 2009-09-17 16:55
Hi there. First of all, I have com_linx installed on my website, also with the latest Joomla version 1.5.14 (ofcourse with legacy mode 1.0 turned on) and it works; without this installed you can't use my module Val_LinX (

If you experience problems or bugs with the component LinX ( you should post them at their support forum (

I hope they will be able to help you out further.
#5 majron 2009-09-17 16:32
i have installed com linx, on may Website ( but it not work on joomla 1.5.14. any solution?
thank you...
#4 Chrysovalantis Mochlas 2009-09-06 23:27
If you don't find any Joomla extension that already does what you need then you need to create a custom module in PHP/JavaScript from scratch. If you can't do that yourself, then I suggest you pay someone do that for you.

The extension Val-LinX only outputs on the screen the links that are created with Joomla's component LinX Reciprocal Links Exchange ( So probably it's not suitable for you.
#3 Armen 2009-09-06 21:18
Hi my friend. I am yang filmmaker and I making my web site. Everythink is going great, but one questions i have for you. I am 2 mounts search but answear is .....
I need sort table. Very simple without sone liks. Jquery, Js, Html, Ajax is all what i see about sort table, but how connect it with joomla i can't know.
Please help my if you can! ;-)
#2 Chrysovalantis Mochlas 2009-08-16 20:44
You're very welcome mate, I'm glad you liked it! It would be nice of you if you voted for the module by writing a review at Joomla Extensions Directory (

Unfortunately, you don't have the rights to post any comments.


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