Joomlajunkie opened in October 2006 and since then they have managed to attain "expert status" within the Joomla! community. They are also the same guys who brought you and soon Joomlajunkie is owned, run and managed by Web Monkeys Design Studio CC, a full service design and development agency registered in Cape Town, South Africa.

Company website: Joomla!Junkie

Joomla!Junkie - Mocha (Morph Themelet)

Joomla!Junkie - Urban Writer (Morph Themelet)

Joomla!Junkie - Le Blanc (Morph Themelet)

Joomla!Junkie - Explorer (Morph Themelet)

Joomla!Junkie - Candy (Morph Themelet)

Joomla!Junkie - Vanilla - Light Base (Morph Themelet)

Joomla!Junkie - Liquorice - Dark Base (Morph Themelet)

Joomla!Junkie - Creativa (Morph Themelet)

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