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Mocha Mocha Copyright by Joomla!Junkie

Joomla!Junkie - Mocha (Morph Themelet)

Additional Info

  • Framework: Morph
  • Template Color/Style Variations: 1
  • Module Variations: 30+
  • Module Positions: 60+
  • Menu System: Accordion, Superfish, SuperDrop Menu
  • Compatible Browsers: Unspecified
  • W3C Compatibility: XHTML 1.0 Transitional, CSS 2.1
  • RTL Support: Unspecified
  • Custom Extensions: Captify for image captions, Rounded corners, Slider Plugin, ScrollTo to scroll back to top, jQuery UI, Hoverintent, Scroll Follow, Equal heights, Cookies, Supersubs, Firebug Lite
  • Other Features: Thousands of layout combinations, Ultra fast and lightweight, Search engine optimized, Control every block of content with precision, Intuitive management interface, Customize virtually every aspect of your site, Simple as well as complex menu options, Easily change the look of your modules, Built on an intelligent engine, Strong focus on accessibility, Support for Mobile devices, Built on industry leading frameworks, Joomla's content overides completely re written with semantic markup, Extended functionality with plugins, Developer tools help you work faster and smarter, Comprehensive typo and style guide, Backed by a dedicated team
  • Links: Demo

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