JoomlaPraise is a part of the company Pixel Praise, which also developed a series of administrator panel templates named AdminPraise as well as an extension called Projectfork, an Open Source Project Manager for Joomla!

At JoomlaPraise they've always focused on elegantly lightweight Joomla! templates that are both easy to customize and very aware of Joomla's versatility. They approach each theme from an industry's needs, and apply design principles to suit it. While some clubs seem to focus on cramming in as much JavaScript, rounded corners, and transparencies as possible, they sprinkle in these "features" with moderation and care. Lately, JoomlaPraise has made quite a name for being the most collaborative Joomla! club. They work hand-in-hand with all the most popular extension developers and create templates specifically designed for their functionality with templates such as CommunityPraise, a JomSocial template.

Company website: JoomlaPraise

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